Veicolo di soccorso antincendio per aerei E-One P23 x4 ARFF Aircraft crash tender

Veicolo di soccorso antincendio per aerei E-One P23 x4 ARFF Aircraft crash tender
Foto: Veicolo di soccorso antincendio per aerei E-One P23 x4 ARFF Aircraft crash tender
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€ 55.500
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≈ US$ 63.742
Tipo Veicolo di soccorso antincendio per aerei
Prima immatricolazione 06/1994
Chilometraggio 11400 km
Ubicazione Paesi Bassi Hoogerheide
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
Numero ID nello stock del venditore D010024
ID Autoline TY8600
Marca Detroit
Numero di assi 4
Configurazione 8x8
Colore grigio
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FRONT AXLE1: Suspension: parabolic suspension; Steering
FRONT AXLE2: Suspension: parabolic suspension; Steering
FRONT AXLE3: Suspension: parabolic suspension
FRONT AXLE4: Suspension: parabolic suspension
Number of compartments: 1
VORDERACHSE1: Federung: Parabelfederung; Gelenkt
VORDERACHSE2: Federung: Parabelfederung; Gelenkt
VORDERACHSE3: Federung: Parabelfederung
VORDERACHSE4: Federung: Parabelfederung
Zahl der Kammern: 1
E-One / Teledyne Continental 8x8x4 ARFF Aircraft crash tender, Working hours: 2100 hrs, 12500-litre water tank // Specifications
// Width:298.6 cm.
, Length:966.2 cm., Height: 368.2 cm. (reduce to 338.5 cm. by pushing down on foam overflow tube if needed)
, Weight Full: 35325.8 Kg.
, Weight Empty: 19571.6 Kg.
Ground Clearance: 45.7 cm.
Turning Radius: 30.5 m., Angle of Approach: 30 degrees
, Angle of Departure: 34.5 degrees

// Fuel System
// Dual tanks holding a total of 109 gallons - 408.8 L of diese, JP-4, JP-5, and JP-8 type fuels can be used if diesel is not available.
Tank caps are non-venting but the tanks themselves are vented with piping to the top of the truck // Engine // Detroit Diesel Allison, 738 Cubic inches - 12093.7 cc capable of producing
575 horsepower at 1594 foot pounds of torque 2161.2 Nm
, Proper idle speed under normal conditions is 700 rpm.

// Cooling System
// Operating temperatures range from 73.9 degrees C -- 110 degrees C
, Thermostat starts to open at 80.6 degrees C and is fully open at 88.9 degrees C, The entire system holds 121.1 L of coolant //

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
Tire pressures for various operating conditions can be controlled by the CTI panel // Highway 65 MPH - 104.6 Km/h 60 Minutes 87 PSI - 6 bar
Cross-Country 55 MPH - 88.5 Km/h Continuous 45 PSI - 3.1 bar
Mud/Snow/Sand 20 MPH - 32.2 Km/h Continuous 33 PSI - 2.3 bar
Emergency 5 MPH - 8 Km/h 5 Miles - 8 Km Max 15 PSI - 1.0 bar

// Firefighting Systems Specifications:
Water Tank Capacity: 3,300 Gallons - 12492 L
, Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Ârated at 2,000 GPM - 7571 L at 200 PSI - 13.8 bar at 2100
. Foam Tank Capacity: 500 gallons - 1893 Around the pump foam proportioning system can deliver 2.8% to 3.5%
Uses a metered multiple orifice control plate. Fire Truck mechanics should only change.

Roof Turret
1500 GPM - 6607 L High Flow and 750 GPM - 3304 L Low Flow.
Can reach distances up to 76.2 m in straight stream pattern.
Dispersed stream has a pattern up to 22.9 m long and 10.7 m wide.

Bumper Turret
250 GPM- 1101 L - No high or low flow selection.
Can reach distances up to 45.7 m in straight stream pattern.
Dispersed stream has a pattern up to 22.9 m long and 10.7 m wide //

Dry Chemical System
// 500-pound - 227 Kg capacity steel storage tank.
Operating pressure has a range of 220 to 240 PSI.- 15.2 to 16.5 bar
. Relief pressure on the tank is 250 PSI.- 17.2 bar. Agent used is PKP/Powdered Potassium Bicarbonate.
System uses oil free nitrogen as the propellant. The capacity of the nitrogen tank is 300 cubic feet. - 8495 L
45.7m hand-line has a working pressure of 250 PSI - 17.2 bar and a bursting pressure
of 800 PSI.- 55.2 bar
, Nozzle has a conical discharge pattern that cannot be changed, with a
discharge rate of 5.5 to 7 pounds - 2.5 - 3.2 Kg of agent a second.
Tank can last approximately 70-Â90 seconds of a constant discharge

Total external dimensions: 970x295x370 cm.
VOORAS1: Vering: paraboolvering; Meesturend
VOORAS2: Vering: paraboolvering; Meesturend
VOORAS3: Vering: paraboolvering
VOORAS4: Vering: paraboolvering
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