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Emil Import was founded in 1993 by Enrique Grau Andrada, one of the great connoisseurs of public works in Spain sector and the concerns of builders and operation of machinery, with a personal experience of almost 40 years of dedication to the business of machinery trading. Since dettagli » the beginning of the company, its primary goal was to innovate in the market for public works providing new technologies that increase efficiency and profitability in the different customer jobs and applications, meeting the needs of all companies required to specialized machines and work tools. In short, the concern of the company, dedicated to the machinery trading, has always been to innovate in the market for public works with new technology and tools that bring efficiency and profitability in the various special tasks and customer applications. To do this, they developed as the core of activity sale of machinery equipment for processing and handling demolition waste, on the scope throughout the Spanish territory. To this end, the company began with the machinery trading in different ranges of demolition and handling equipment, progressively increasing the number of represented brands and expanding the scope of its activity.

Currently, Emil Import covers all kinds of services regarding the machinery trading: sale of new machinery and equipment and used machinery, equipment rental, service and spare parts service. Its portfolio of brands also represented the 30, from over 15 different countries. His main desire has always been to meet the work systems the most advanced and innovative countries through research trips around the world and studying the profitability and productivity for our future customers and implement them in our country. Therefore Emil Import, S.L. has pioneered the launch of unknown products in our country, some considered as indispensable in our works. We continue to bring new products that surprise our customers which leads to work together to develop. It has been and is an important task to meet all commercial and technological products and manufacturers, to create a distribution network that allows to achieve the satisfaction of both the client and the manufacturer. We maintain the level of motivation of the first day and were excited to see that our products do work systems evolve. We bet our effort so it can continue to have relevance in the public works market.
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