Carrello elevatore LINDE H 18 D/350-03

carrello elevatore LINDE H 18 D/350-03
Foto: carrello elevatore LINDE H 18 D/350-03
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€ 12.900
≈ US$ 13.762
Modello H 18 D/350-03
Tipo carrello elevatore
Anno di costruzione 2001
Ore di moto 7100 m/h
Capacità di carico 1800 kg
Peso netto 2890 kg
Tipo montante standard
Ubicazione Germania Friedberg-Derching
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline MT8289
Carburante diesel
Equipaggiamento supplementare
Le forche
Stato buono
VIN H2X350M04300/18
Numero di registrazione 300013
Ulteriori informazioni: tedesco
Vermietet: Falsch,
LSP: 500,
UVV: New,
Zustand Sterne: ***,
Rubrik: 1.1 Diesel-Forklift 1,2 - 1,8 t,
Freihub: 150,
Gabeltraeger: 1040,
Gabelzinken: 1100,
FEM4 004: New,
Bauart Hauptgruppe: Front-loader,
Datum angelegt: 02.09.2015,
vysota_podema_mm: 4250,
height: 2700,
weight: 2890,
3. valve complete,
full cabin,
front: 18x7-8,
rear: 18x7-8,
1 x light frontside,
rotating light,
standard seat,
dual-pedal control,
central/cross levers,
Newly serviced according to the manufacturer recommendations,
incl. exhaust emission test for thermal devices,
Lifting frame,
fork carriage,
lifting chain,
hydraulic system and steering axle checked,
Serviceable tyres or bandages with more than 50 % profile depth,
Driver's seat and safety belt in good condition,
Paintwork in good condition (repainted),
FEM inspection (Directive 4.004) conducted,
Charging unit checked and certified according to,
BGV (German Trade Association Regulations) A3 VDE (German Association of Electrical,
Electronic and Information Technology) 0701/02 guidelines,
Operating manual,
CE Declaration of Conformity,
These Linde used lifting trucks are not covered by warranty
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