Erpice 47SK300DRFP

erpice 47SK300DRFP
Foto: erpice 47SK300DRFP
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€ 15.750
Prezzo netto
≈ US$ 16.988
Tipo erpice
Anno di costruzione 2008
Ubicazione Paesi Bassi Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline FD5825
Numero di registrazione 0870140916
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Culture: Onions, Potatoes
Imants spading machine
With rotorvater (to get a seed bed)
Pakker roller
Working width 300 cm
Weight 3400 kg
Year of construction: 2008
Specially for heaver soil, such as clay
Concept of the 47SK series, 300DRFP
The machines are equipped with a shaft to which the spade arms are attached (called the spade shaft)
Mounted in the same frame is a crumbler roller
This crumbler roller with its self-cleaning blades rotovates, if necessary, the surface layer to produce the seed bed necessary for good germination of the seed
It is possible to both adjust and switch off the crumbler roller, thus allowing the spading machine to carry out coarse “winter work” as well
Attached to the rear side is a packer-roller whose function is to set the working depth of the crumbler roller, to support the machine and to compact the loosened soil again
All Imants spading machines are PTO driven and are carried on the 3-point hitch
When work is started, the machine is lowered until the packer-roller is supporting the majority of the machine weight
The working depth is then set by means of the 3-point hitch
The top link is then in a floating position
Thanks to the unique function of the spades, no “plough pan” is produced and the tractor does not run in the furrow as is the case during ploughing
The result is an elimination of structural damage to the soil
Fields op application
Larger agricultural and horticultural businesses and agricultural service supply agencies
The spading machine is excellent for blending large quantities of organic materials such as green manure, straw, stable manure or compost into the soil
Tilling with an Imants is cheaper than with a plough
Just compare your passes with those of the  spading machine and you will reach a surprising conclusion
It is cheaper, more efficient and germination is better as a result
In other words, it saves money!
The 47SK Series has a drive line suitable for tractors from 100 hp
A cam clutch protects the machines against overload
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