Sorter MOSA TO54R

sorter MOSA TO54R
Foto: sorter MOSA TO54R
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€ 6.900
Prezzo netto
≈ US$ 7.336
Marca MOSA
Modello TO54R
Tipo sorter
Anno di costruzione 2008
Ubicazione Paesi Bassi Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline RW4285
Numero di registrazione 0350131015
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Culture: Potplants, Summerflowers, Vegetables
Mosa TO54R Drum Seeder complete with roller conveyor 240 x 60 cm
Production – max 600 Trays Per Hour
Including 1 drum
The TO54R is the drum seeding unit is a modular part  that can fit in a complete sowing line
The Mosa TO54R is the perfect solution for growers wishing to own a complete drum seeding line but would prefer to purchase step-by-step the different modules for filling and seeding directly into all kinds of trays
The small drum, is designed for optimum distribution in the vacuum, which positions the “mosa” nozzles on the stainless steel inserts, a guarantee of long-lasting precision seeding
machine is prepared for dibler ( dibbling roll can be added depending on size tray)
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