Trapiantatrice VAN der Poel VAN

trapiantatrice VAN der Poel VAN
Foto: trapiantatrice VAN der Poel VAN
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€ 2.750
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≈ US$ 2.938
Tipo trapiantatrice
Ubicazione Paesi Bassi Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline UY2373
Numero di registrazione 0940110829A
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Culture: Freesias
Van der Poel Freesia automatic driving planting machine specially made for freesia
1 bed with touch screen
It is posible to adjust the number of bulbs per meter
When your machine is in the planting position and you will increase your driving speed, the speed of planting will also be increased
Through this the number of bulbs per meter stays the same
You can drive the caterpillars by pushing the joystick forward or backward
During planting the machine will drive straight by means of a laser beam
laser is not included
Furthermore you have the option to lay cool hoses down into the ground which keeps the ground temperature low
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