Frantoio a cono TIGERCRUSHER PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

frantoio a cono TIGERCRUSHER PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Foto: frantoio a cono TIGERCRUSHER PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
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Tipo frantoio a cono
Anno di costruzione 2015
Ubicazione Cina Shanghai
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline PY10197
Numero di registrazione PCL-5545
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Extra options: New/unused
Crusher type: Impact crusher
1. Deep cavity type rotor after optimization design, through material quantity increases by about 30%.
2. As high sand ratio, the size and the shape of product is good.
3. With functions of finely, coarse grinding.
4. Week guard can use back up and down after partial wear, improve material utilization, can improve the service life of more than 48%.
5. Little affected by the material moisture content, water cut of up to 8%.
6. Stone hit stone, stone while the iron is hot high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency. 7. Product into a cube, bulk density is big, small iron contamination.
8. Less wear of impeller from the lining, easy maintenance.
9. Low wearing parts consumption - the best material impact Angle of crushing cavity. Problems in the design, less friction and wear parts, 30% lower than conventional equipment running cost, reduce the use of the equipment cost directly
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