Trattore stradale MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1844 LS

trattore stradale MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1844 LS
Foto: trattore stradale MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1844 LS
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Modello Actros 1844 LS
Tipo trattore stradale
Prima immatricolazione 02/2011
Chilometraggio 949000 km
Capacità di carico 12160 kg
Peso netto 19000 kg
Ubicazione Portogallo Mem Martins
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline RE10255
Ruota di scorta
Cassetta attrezzi
Supporto per la ruota di scorta
Tipo a forma di V
Potenza 438 HP (321.94 kW)
Numero di cilindri 6
Euro V
Cambio di velocità
Marca Mercedes-Benz G 211-12/14.93-1.0
Tipo PowerShift
Numero di assi 2
Configurazione 4x2
Sospensione ad aria compressa/ad aria compressa
Interasse 3600 mm
Tipo MegaSpace
Riscaldatore autonomo
Autoradio CD
Limitatore di velocità
Fari supplementari
Visiera parasole
Equipaggiamento supplementare
Serbatoio carburante 2 unità (650 l + 550 l)
Serbatoio AdBlue 85 l
Numero di registrazione 16561R0054
Colore bianco
Ulteriori informazioni: inglese
Steering: left,
5th wheel coupling,Jost,H=150 mm,low-maintenance,
AdBlue tank, 85 l,
AdBlue tank, plastic,
Axle ratio i = 2.846 (HL6),
Emissions monitoring for nitrogen oxide (NOx),
Exhaust silencer, tailpipe downwards,
Fifth wheel exterior angle, with hole pattern,
Front axle 7.5 t,
Front axle, offset,
Front spring, 7.5 t,
Front underride guard (EC),
Integral rear end,
Lock cylinder for auxiliary tank,
Main tank+second tank, left, 650 l/550 l,aluminium,
Mounting plate, 12 mm, for fifth-wheel coupling,
On-Board Diagnosis 2, with NOx check,
Rear axle H6, 13.0 t, crown wheel 440,
Screen, tank filler neck,
Side skirts, aerodynamic,
Silencer, SCR cat. conv., medium, stainless steel,
Splash guard (EC), front,
Steering LS 6/LS 8,
Tank-cap lock,
Air compressor, 1-cylinder, regulated,
Air intake, rear at top, air cleaner below cab,
BlueTec 5 (Euro V),
Clutch supplier F&S,
Coolant pump with solenoid clutch,
Mercedes PowerShift 2,
Mercedes PowerShift G 211-12/14.93-1.0,
Viscous coupling, electromagnetic, for fan, Behr,
Carpet, engine tunnel,
Co-driver's comfort suspesion seat, Grammer,
Comfort bed, top, w. level adj., with bottom bed,
Comfort cab mountings, steel-sprung,
Comfort cockpit,
Curtain, along side of bed/bunk(s),
Digital clock with alarm function,
Drawer above engine tunnel, pull-out,
Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer,
Front mirror, aerodynamic,
Megaspace cab,
Pollen filter,
Pop-up roof, electric,
Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door,
Pre-installation for refrigerator box,
Seat backrest, release mechanism,
Stowage compartments, top, with hinged lid,
Sunblind, side window in driver's door,
Wide-angle mirror on driver's side, heated,
Windows, tinted, without sun filter,
Brake and elec.connections,low,for semitr. tractor,
E-APU, electronic air processing unit,
Pipe fracture protection for brake system,
Voith retarder, performance optimised,
Adapter, 15-pin to 2x7-pin socket,
Additional socket, 24 V/15 A, firewall,
Air horns, cab roof,
Automatic cutouts,
Batteries, 2 x 12V/220 Ah, low-maintenance,
Battery sensor,
Communications interface (KOM),
Instrument cluster, graphics-capable display,
Provision for fitting FleetBoard,
Trailer socket, 15-pin,
15-degree tapered rims, 9.00 x 22.5,
Wheel nut cap,
Economy Pack Classic,
Rear wing, 2550 mm vehicle width,
Transmission oil cooling,
Wing, 3-piece, with EC splash guard,
Braking system, EPB II,
Control unit, Common Powertrain Control (CPC),
First aid kit,
Front apron,
Hand lamp, 10 m cable,
Hazard warning triangle,
Labels/publications, Portuguese,
Noise reduction measures, EC 96/20,
Powertrain warranty,Gen.Terms/Con.,3 yrs/450000 km,
Steering, ZF8098,
Tyre inflating hose, 25 m,
Vehicle, for right-side traffic,
Warning lamp,
Wiring harness, digit. tachogr. for telematics CAN
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