Erpice a dischi FIELDKING FKPDH26-7 (unused) nuovo

erpice a dischi FIELDKING FKPDH26-7 (unused) nuovo
Foto: erpice a dischi FIELDKING FKPDH26-7 (unused) nuovo
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€ 2.100
Prezzo netto
≈ US$ 2.586
Tipo erpice a dischi
Anno di costruzione nuovo
Ubicazione Paesi Bassi Mijnsheerenland
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
Numero ID nello stock del venditore FKPDH26-7
ID Autoline XJ10781
Stato nuovo
Ulteriori informazioni: olandese
Frame(mm) 95 x 125 x 8T (Rectangle Tubular Frame)
No_Ofdisc 7
Widthofcut(mm) 1285
Discspacing(mm) 228
Bearinghubs 2 Nos.
Weight(kg) 416
Tractorpower(hp) 50-55
Axletype DIA. 63 (Solid bar)

FIELDKING Poly disc harrow/plough is designed to work in all types of soil for basic functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing. It is used to open the new farm and to process the stony areas. It is especially useful in hard and dry trashy land conditions and in soils where souring is a major problem. The extra heavy-duty frame has clearance allowing the plough to operate under heavy crop residue
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