Rotopressa CASE IH RB344

rotopressa CASE IH RB344
Foto: rotopressa CASE IH RB344
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€ 9.700
Prezzo netto
≈ US$ 11.908
Modello RB344
Tipo rotopressa
Ubicazione Polonia Belchatów
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline EY13233
Stato usato
Colore rosso
Ulteriori informazioni: polacco
Technical parameters
Curb weight: 3000 kg
- The length of 4050 mm
- Width 2690 mm
- Height 2,350 mm
Standard, PTO, Vredenstein Flotation tires 480/45 R17, consumption 50%
Bale width 1200 mm
Bale diameter 1250 mm
Pickup width 2000 mm

The machine out of service, deposited in the parking deposit.

Additional information
Baling press forming material in the bundle shape of a cylinder. Pressed material is collected by the pick-up into the press, where the baling chamber followed by rolling bales in the shape of a cylinder. When the bale reaches the desired size of the wound string and then ejected outside the machine. The device is designed for baling straw, hay, etc.
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