Trivellatrice Comacchio MC400

trivellatrice Comacchio MC400
Foto: trivellatrice Comacchio MC400
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Marca Comacchio
Modello MC400
Tipo trivellatrice
Anno di costruzione 2009
Ubicazione Germania Frankfurt/Main
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
ID Autoline YZ13678
Potenza 75 kW (102.04 HP)
Stato usato
Colore giallo
Ulteriori informazioni: russo
Electric power pack
Power 75 KW – 400 Volt- 50Hz
Oil tank capacity: 350 lt
Power pack on rubber crawler
Power pack weight: 2500 kg approx.
Drilling unit crawler mounted
Metal carriage with rubber inserts on the shoes
Enlargeable carriage from 850 mm to 1150 mm
Feed travel variable from 940 mm till 2100 mm (telescopic mast with adjustment in highness)
Mast highness can be modified 2050 mm till 3620 mm
Max pull back force: 3000 kg
Excellent movements
Rotary head with max torque 930 kgm; 3 speeds.
Torque: 930/465/232 kgm
Speed: 43/85/100 rpm
Thread connection: 3’’ ½ AR
Water/air hose size: 1’’ ½
Double clamp with passage: 45-220 mm
Hydraulic winch with max pull line 1000 kg@ 1st layer
Radio control system for most of the functions (+ control with emergency cable)
Power unit and drilling unit are connected with hoses 15 mt long
Very good general conditions.
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